How big are the installations?
Our installations are 8ft W x 8ft H. We’ve paid special attention to the size to ensure you can capture moments with even the tallest of humans!

Where can I put the installation?
Our portable installations can be constructed absolutely anywhere! Whether that be in your living room, a wedding venue entrance or in a garden marquee. As long as it is kept dry and covered, our installations can be placed anywhere.

I’m looking for something more tailored and bespoke, do you offer this?

Of course. We’re always looking for ways to evolve and extend our product range, so if you have any burning questions around a custom order, do get in touch and we will make it work for you.

Do you offer permanent installations, e.g a Bar/Restaurant?

Yes. If you’re interested in having us set up permanently in your venue, whether a cafe, bar/restaurant, do get in touch via hello@artlectricevents.co.uk and tell us more about what you’re after. One of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I choose my preferred neon sign for my installation?

Absolutely! Providing our neons aren’t booked out prior to your requirements, we’d be happy to tailor the neon signage to suit you. Please make this request upon your enquiry.

Do you require power?

Yes. Please ensure that when deciding on the location of your installation that you consider power outlets as this will be fundamental for your neon! We’ll supply a 25m extension lead, but the closer the power source, the better.



What is the neon made of?

Our neon signage is made up of a flexible LED neon, which is designed specifically to replace traditional glass, neon signage. Our LED neon is safe, reliable and more robust than traditional neon. They’re connected using a standard power socket, 12V and fitted with a transformer. They’re super safe and reliable.

Are the neons safe?

Yes, our LED neon signs produce very little heat. They are constructed of PVC and acrylic, which means they are at no risk of shattering/breakages. We obtain PAT Test certificates for all of our electrical items too.